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Video Furniture International Inc. (VFI) was established in 1996 to fill a niche in the video conferencing market for affordable, stylish and durable furniture. 
Since then, VFI has grown to be an industry leader in the video conference and A/V furniture market by providing excellent products and service at a competitive price.

VFI designs, engineers and produces all of its wooden products at its large modern manufacturing facility in Aurora, Ontario. Our products are available from a large selection of distributors and resellers of video conference equipment throughout North America, Europe and around the world. With our large in-stock inventory most orders are shipped either from our factory or U.S. distribution center within 24 to 48 hours of receipt.

VFI has constantly been expanding our product lines by listening to our customers' needs and desires. From our original painted videoconference stand, VFI now produces a complete line of videoconference and A/V furniture in painted and laminate finishes, including multimedia stands, tables, podiums, kiosks, etc.

From the beginning, VFI made the decision to specialize solely in the furniture segment of the videoconference and A/V market and leave the equipment sales to our customers. By following this approach, VFI has become experts in the furniture market and has never competed against our customers over an equipment sale.



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