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As a customer, you have choices, and so do we as a manufacturer. VariZoom has been a successful company for many years, and a big reason why is that we excel at finding the right mix of quality and affordability with every product we manufacture. We hold many patents and offer an expanding variety of unique, innovative devices, but we always choose to keep costs low and quality high

I think one of the best analogies for illustrating our concept of quality can be seen in cabinet construction. From a distance, cabinets may look beautiful and well-made, but on closer inspection, you often find that the 'wood grain' is actually on printed paper glued to particle board. The shelves you thought were sturdy 1" solid wood are in fact 1/2" particle board. You look even closer and see staples where screws belong. But from a distance, it looks like good stuff, because the details of construction are disguised.

Well, it's much the same with video accessories, electronics, and mechanical devices. From far away, an off-brand crane, tripod, remote head, or camera stabilizer may look comparable to ours, but up close you often discover plain bushings (or nothing) where precision bearings belong, or weak sintered and molded parts where high-strength machined parts are crucial. Where we use stainless steel, others will skimp and opt for zinc coated parts. On a crane or remote head, we'll cap a tube with a custom press-fit aluminum part, where another manufacturer will tap in a cheap, generic plastic plug.

I've had knobs and other parts that were improperly produced overseas crumble in my hand when used to tighten a fitting. I've seen inferior remote heads using sintered gears (instead of machined ones) wear out in weeks when they should last years. I've seen poorly cast parts fracture and low-grade electronics burn out, forcing videographers to go out and rent a replacement for something they just purchased for a specific production.

Many consumers can't identify these technical deficiencies until it's too late, so it's important for them to find and stick with trusted brands. Oh, the pain of buying twice. I have made the same mistake, but boy, do I see it all the time now with customers buying new-name, no-name, or no-history products. I hear it all the time, "It looked the same!" If only they had spent the extra money on an established product and brand with a positive track record.

VariZoom enjoys a reputation that keeps customers coming back for more year after year. Even in the toughest times we continue to grow, innovate and improve.



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