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Crestron MC3

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The Crestron® MC3 presents a giant leap forward in control system design. Featuring the all new Core 3 control engine, the MC3 forms the core of the modern networked home, unleashing more power than ever for integrating home entertainment, AV distribution, security and environmental systems. And, with built-in infiNET EX™ wireless technology, native mobile and Web-based control, and onboard media rendering, the MC3 affords vast new, more affordable ways to control everything in the home through a streamlined hardware approach.

Core 3 OS
Today's custom home comprises more technology than ever before, and all these systems need to be networked, managed, and controlled in fundamentally new ways. The IP based Core 3 platform is engineered from the ground up to deliver a network-grade server appliance capable of faithfully managing everything from custom home theater to total home control.

More than a mere AV controller, the MC3 embodies a distinctively robust, dynamic, and secure platform to elevate your system designs to higher levels of performance and reliability. Compared to other control systems, the MC3 provides a pronounced increase in processing power and speed with more memory, rock solid networking and IP control, and a unique modular programming architecture.

Modular Programming Architecture
Designed for enhanced scalability, the MC3 affords high-speed, real-time multi-tasking to seamlessly run multiple programs simultaneously. This exclusive programming architecture lets programmers independently develop and run device-specific programs for AV, lighting, HVAC, security, etc., allowing for the optimization of each program, and allowing changes to be made to one program without affecting the whole. Even as your system grows, processing resources can easily be shifted from one 3-Series processor to another without rewriting any code. The end benefit is dramatically simplified upgradability with minimal downtime, whether implementing changes on site or remotely via the network.

Robust Ethernet
IP technology is the heart of Core 3, so it should be no surprise that its networking abilities are second to none. Whether residing on a sensitive corporate LAN, a home network, or accessing the Internet through a cable modem, the MC3 provides secure, reliable connectivity for the complete line of Crestron touchpanels and other products, as well as computers, mobile devices, media servers, video displays, security systems, and numerous other components throughout the home — and throughout the world.

e-Control® Remote Access
When Crestron pioneered the first IP-based control system, we unleashed the vast possibilities for controlling, monitoring, and managing the networked home over a LAN, WAN, and the Internet. Today, our many e-Control solutions offer more ways than ever to control your world the way you want.

With e-Control, you can control anything in your home from anywhere in the world using a Crestron touchpanel, a Windows® or Ma computer, or even the popular Apple® iPhone® and iPad®. And, no one offers more advanced capabilities for integrating eye-catching personalized graphics, custom functionality, and streaming Web cameras so you can safely monitor and control your entire home right from your mobile phone or desktop PC. Establishing a friendly URL for your control system is simplified using the myCrestron Dynamic DNS service. And should you ever need technical support, your Crestron system installer can even perform diagnostics and implement updates to the system remotely without coming on site.

infiNET EX™ Wireless Control
Integrated infiNET EX technology provides an extremely easy and cost-effective way to add control of lighting, temperature, and other functions using Cameo® Wireless Dimmers and Keypads[1], and infiNET EX Thermostats[1]. Adding an infiNET EX remote like the Isys™ MTX-3 Handheld Wireless Touchpanel[1] or MLX-3 LCD Handheld Wireless Remote[1] enables sophisticated portable control over everything, whether simply watching TV or adjusting whole-house audio distribution, lighting, and climate control in every room. Perfect for existing structures and rentals, infiNET EX affords ultra-reliable 2-way wireless communications throughout the home without the need for physical control wiring.

As an alternative to Ethernet, Cresnet provides a dependable network wiring solution for many Crestron devices including keypads, lighting controls, thermostats, and numerous other devices that don't require the higher speed of Ethernet. The Cresnet bus offers easy wiring and configuration, carrying bidirectional communication and 24VDC power to each device over a simple 4-conductor cable.

Audio File Playback
Built-in audio signal rendering lets you generate door chimes, phone ringers, and other signals that can be played through the home theater or whole-house audio system. Load your own custom audio files to sound alarms, provide confirmation when you execute a command, deliver helpful voice prompts, or just play welcome music as the home theater system turns on.

Onboard Control Ports
In addition to Ethernet, the MC3 includes two bidirectional RS-232 COM ports and five IR ports to interface directly with all of your centralized AV sources, video display, and other devices. Two programmable relay ports are included for controlling window shades, a projection screen or lift, or other contact-closure controlled equipment. Two digital inputs are also provided for use with Crestron occupancy sensors, power sensors, door switches, or anything that provides a dry contact closure or low-voltage logic signal.

IR Wireless Option
When equipped with the optional CNXRMIRD IR Receiver[1], the MC3 affords a low-cost IR wireless control solution using any Crestron IR wireless remote or touchpanel, such as the TPS-6X[1], or a third-party universal IR remote.

EMerge Alliance RegisteredEmerge Alliance Registered
This device is EMerge Alliance® registered and designed to work within a 24VDC room-level power distribution system. The EMerge Alliance is a non-for-profit open industry association leading the rapid adoption of safe DC power distribution in commercial buildings through the development of Emerge Alliance standards[4]. Crestron is a proud member and supporter of the Alliance. For more information about Crestron Solutions for EMerge Alliance Applications visit:

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