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Description du produit

In an elegant flush wall mount design, the CEN-IDOCV-DSW provides an extraordinary Crestron® interface and control solution for the popular Apple® iPod® personal media player[1]. It features a built-in, recessed docking station with audio, video, USB, and high-speed Ethernet connectivity for full integration with a Crestron whole-house AV system[2].

The CEN-IDOCV-DSW uses the latest Apple authentication chip, enabling high speed music library browsing and compatibility with the latest Apple products and features. The chip supports 6th generation (and later) iPod classic®, and any iPod nano®, iPod touch®, or iPhone®.[3]

Easy Docking
Simply placing the iPod into the docking station instantly connects it for sharing with speakers and video monitors throughout the home or office.

Touch Screen Control
Integrating the iPod with a Crestron system enables full control and navigation using touch screens, APADs, keypads, computers, and handheld remotes. From any touch screen, you can search the entire iPod library by genre, artist, album and track, and even view album cover art[4].

Local Mode
Engage the LOCAL button on the front of the CEN-IDOCV-DSW to allow navigation control directly on the iPod device without undocking. Using an iPhone or iPod touch, LOCAL mode lets you run all your apps so you can enjoy Internet radio and YouTube™ through your whole-house AV system.

Local Volume Control
Simple volume control is enabled using the VOL rocker button on the front of the CEN-IDOCV-DSW, so it's not necessary to install a separate touch screen or keypad nearby just to control the iPod audio level.

Sync to iTunes® over Ethernet
Using USB-over-IP technology and Crestron Sync, the CEN-IDOCV-DSW allows the iPod to connect with any networked computer running Apple iTunes software right from the docking station. Syncing the iPod to iTunes works the same as if it were hooked up with a USB cable, affording full capabilities for organizing and transferring music and video files, podcasts, audio books, and playlists anytime you want.

Instructions and download

Audio and Video Distribution
The CEN-IDOCV-DSW allows stereo audio, composite video, and component video signals to be fed from the iPod to your home theater or multiroom distribution system.[2]

Crestron Home® CAT5 Balanced AV
Crestron Home (CH) CAT5 Balanced technology allows the CEN-IDOCV-DSW to be located up to 500 feet from the central equipment, interfacing directly with other CH-compatible devices like the Crestron CNX-BIPAD8CNX-PVID8, and Sonnex™ SWAMP-24X8 using ordinary CAT5 type wire. Connecting the CEN-IDOCV-DSW to conventional AV equipment, or to a Crestron PROCISE®DigitalMedia™, or Adagio® system, is facilitated using the ABAR-1 Balanced Audio Receiver[5] and ABVR-1 Balanced Video Receiver[5].

Adagio® Plug-and-Play
The CEN-IDOCV-DSW affords easy plug-and-play setup as part of a complete Adagio system. Without any programming, Adagio delivers full access and control of the docked iPod from every room.

Power over Ethernet
For operation and charging the iPod battery, the CEN-IDOCV-DSW gets its power right through the LAN wiring using 802.3af PoE technology. PoE (Power over Ethernet) eliminates the need for a separate wall-wart power supply or dedicated power wiring. A PoE Injector (PWE-4803RU optional) simply connects inline with the LAN cable, allowing for installation at any convenient location. For applications with multiple CEN-IDOCV-DSWs or other PoE-powered devices, a Crestron PoE switch (CEN-SW-POE-5[5] or CEN-SWPOE-24[5]) may be used for a streamlined networking solution with built-in PoE.

Versatile Wall Mount Design
The CEN-IDOCV-DSW is designed for easy recess-mount installation in a wall or similar flat, vertical surface using one of three available mounting kits. The mounting options include a choice of pre-construction back boxes or post-construction mounting kit.[5]

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