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Prix : $319.00

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The Alesis MultiMix 10 Wireless is redefining the rackmount mixer category.  Compact and complete, the MultiMix 10 Wireless delivers ten-channel mixing in a neat 3U package that is perfect for smaller clubs and venues, houses of worship, as well as mobile/traveling systems.  The MultiMix 10 Wireless benefits from an array of easily accessible front panel jacks that enhance the versatility and usefulness of this generously equipped mixer. Topping off the feature list is a channel dedicated to receiving the stereo playback from any Bluetooth device.  The MultiMix 10 Wireless is a new breed of rack mount mixer. 

The MultiMix 10 Wireless provides a wealth of inputs to accommodate nearly any audio input.  Channels 1-4 are ideal for vocals or acoustically mic'ed instruments, direct boxes, and more.  Each provides an XLR mic input with available phantom power; a balanced 1/4" TRS line input, plus a TRS 1/4" insert jack for incorporating additional effects or working with a second mixer.  Channels 5-8 have been set as stereo pairings, offering 1/4" left and right inputs.  These channels are ideal for stereo sources such as a keyboard, electronic drum set, drum machine, external mixer, etc.  Channels 7-8 also provide left and right RCA inputs.  Stream a stereo audio signal from any Bluetooth device to Channels 9-10 of the MultiMix 10 Wireless. Single-button pairing keeps it simple.


MultiMix 10 Wireless: Key Features

  • •Convenient front panel jacks add versatility
  • •Space-saving 3U rack mount design is perfect for venues and mobile rigs
  • •Bluetooth streaming with simple single-button pairing
  • •Articulating Bluetooth antenna for optimum reception
  • •4 high-gain mic/line preamps with inserts
  • •2-band high and low shelving EQ on every channel
  • •Pre-fader and post-fader aux sends; stereo aux return

 What’s in the box

  • •MultiMix 10 Wireless
  • •Power Supply
  • •Quickstart guide
  • •Safety & Warranty Manual



  • Channels 1-4 (mono):
  • Mic: XLR with switchable phantom power
  • Line: 1/4" Mono
  • Insert: 1/4" TRS
  • Front: XLR+1/4" combo jacks
  • (Channels 1 and 2 only—overrides rear jacks)
  • Channels 5-6 (stereo pair):
  • Line: 1/4" Left, Right
  • Channels 7-8 (stereo pair):
  • Line: 1/4" Left, Right
  • RCA: Left, Right
  • Channels 9-10 (stereo pair):
  • Bluetooth: Stereo Streaming In
  • Ext: 1/8" Stereo (front panel)
  • Aux Return: 1/4" TRS Balanced Left, Right


  • Main: 1/4" TRS Balanced Left, Right
  • Monitor: 1/4" Left, Right
  • Aux Send 1: 1/4"
  • Aux Send 2: 1/4"
  • Headphones: Stereo 1/4"
  • Ext: 1/8" Stereo (front panel)


  • 3U Rackmount chassis
  • Detachable power cable


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